Meet The Team @

We believe that a lot could be achieved if one works around with a group of like-minded individuals sharing the same common interest. In our case it’s cryptography. Meet our group of dedicated personnel trying to promote crypto culture at IIT Bhilai. Hope to see you on the same page!


Dr. dhiman saha
Research Supervisor
The one in charge and the one who put it together !!!

External Collaborators

Sourya kakarla
BTech and Mtech (Hons.), Class of 2017, IIT KGP
PhD Candidate, Columbia University
Crypto, Implementation

Current Members

Anup kundu
PhD Candidate, ISI Kolkata
Symmetric-Key Cryptanalysis
Ashutosh sahu
BTech (Hons.), Class of 2022
I love Machine Learning and it's application in Crypto.
Devvrat sharma
BTech, Class of 2023
Like to explore system workings and security exploits. Interested in crypto solution for secure communication and transaction purposes.
Dr. pabitra pal
Research Associate
Cryptography, Watermarking, Data Hiding
Gundu shreya
BTech. Class of 2022
Crypto and ML enthusiast .
Prachir agrawal
BTech Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2023
Looking to explore new areas in Web Security. Avid Quizzer πŸ™‚.
Sahiba suryawanshi
PhD Candidate (TCS Research Scholar)
Cryptanalytic Attacks, Hash Functions, Lightweight Ciphers
Shashwat jaiswal
BTech, Class of 2023
On a mesmerizing odyssey to explore the world of cryptography and cyber security!
Siram nikhil n datha sai kumar
BTech, Class of 2022
Likes software development . Looking forward to pursue an Internship in a tech giant.
Souvik pan
MTech. Class of 2023
PDF Security, Automated Cryptanalysis


Ahaan dabholkar
BTech. Class of 2020
Pursuing MS @ Purdue University
I choose to dabble in systems security.
BTech (Hons.), Class of 2020
PhD Candidate, TU Graz, Austria
Likes crypto a lot πŸ€“.
Banashri karmakar
M.Tech , Class of 2020
PhD Candidate, CSA, IISc Bangalore
Differential Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Key Cryptography, Fault Attacks, Analysis of MDS Matrices
Bharath v. gottumukkala
B.Tech, Class of 2020
Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte
Security, Home Automation and IoT
Harshvardhan patel
B.Tech, Class of 2020
Engineer, Atonarp Microsystem
Cyber Security
Satyam sachan
B.Tech, Class of 2021
Pursuing MS @ Purdue University
Cryptanalysis, Cryptography, Blockchain
Shubham atariya
B.Tech, Class of 2021
Engineer @ Sterlite Technologies
Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Blockchain
Soumyakant mohakul
B.Tech, Class of 2021
Engineer @ Ceremorphic
Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and ML
Utkarsh agrawal
BTech, Class of 2021
Engineer @ Atonarp Microsystem
Interested in web application security. Looking forward to working in the field.