About me

I am a PhD candidate at University of Birmingam. My term will strat from 22 Spetember, 2020. I will be working under Dr. Sujoy Sinha Roy and Dr. David Oswald on Hardware acceleration of the Homomorphic Encryption.

I was previously a B.Tech student at IIT Bhilai in Computer Science and Engineering. Along with my bachelors I also did honours in Fault-based analysis of lightweight block ciphers under the guidance of Dr. Dhiman Saha .


  1. Aikata, Banashri Karmakar and Dhiman Saha, DESIV: Differential Fault Analysis of SIV-RIJNDAEL256 with a Single Fault, IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) 2020, San Jose, CA, USA, December 6-9, 2020.
  2. [Preprint] Aikata, Banashri Karmakar and Dhiman Saha, Integral and Slow Diffusion Differential Fault Analysis of Prince

Curriculam Vitae