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What We Do

“We are the explorers of the infinity” - Tinkering our way through myriad problems of security that the digital world would anticipate.

Welcome to The Lab LAB is a group of researchers focussed on pushing the frontiers of cybersecurity. Our members are affiliated to IIT Bhilai in the capacity of students and faculty. Established in 2019, under the guidance and mentorship of Dr Dhiman Saha, the members of LAB published their first academic paper in Cryptanalysis between late 2019 to early 2020. Currently, LAB is working on topics in Core Cryptography, RFID Security, Embedded Device Security. We are actively looking for new topics in cybersecurity to work on and are hence open to having research collaborations with other academic institutes on topics from cybersecurity including but not limited to the above.

News From The Lab

October 18, 2023

Satvik and Roshan will represent the lab at India Mobile Congress 2023 at New Delhi as a part of the delegation from IIT Bhilai.

June 27, 2023

Sahiba was invited to the prestigeous Women in Security and Cryptography Workshop (WISC) which is aimed at female PhD students and outstanding female students in the field of IT security and offers expert presentations and exchanges of senior and junior female researchers in this field.

WISC 2023 Participants - Copyright: CASA, Mareen Meyer

January 01, 2022

New year started on a great note with an acceptance in the Journal of Cryptographic Engineering. This is a joint work with ISI Kolkata.

November 29, 2021

Dhiman developed the software that was used to deliver digitally signed academic testimonials in the first convocation of IIT Bhilai. More info available here

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Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research at our lab is focused towards all things security. If you are into security research, we are interested !!! Having said that, in broad terms we have the following projects going on at IIT Bhilai right now

  • Lightweight Cryptography
  • Theoretical and Fault Based Cryptanalaysis
  • Lightweight Authentication Over RFID
  • Secure Boot in Embedded Devices