Research At LABS

At LAB, we look forward to working in various domains of cybersecurity. Our very recent and current research mainly focusses on Cryptanalysis, RFI Tag and RFID Protocol Security, Embedded Device Security and reverse engineering. Our projects are both theoretical and applied in nature. We are not only producing stand-alone research articles but are also involved with other academic institutes viz. IIT Delhi and IIT Madras. Through these collaborations, we have widened our scope of research to security analysis of some of the upcoming technologies in India (the PAN-India 5G Testbed framework and RFID Security).

DESIV- Differential Fault Analysis of SIV-Rijndael256 with a Single Fault

Here we mounted a Differential Fault Attack (DFA) on NIST LWC Round-1 candidate SIV-Rijndael256 AEAD and thus we completely recovered the master-key inducing only one fault in the internal state of the SIV-Rijndael256 AEAD. Moreover, we have used key-scheduling algorithm of Rijndael256 to make our DFA more stronger.

Lightweight Authentication in RFID Systems

This project involved building lightweight authentication system focusing on RFID technologies such as MIFARE etc. Currently Progressing

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Secure Boot For Linux Based Embedded Devices

This document provides a summary of research performed so far on developing secure boot solutions for Linux-based embedded devices. We are primarily focussed on using a hardware Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip as a Root of Trust (RoT) for performing various cryptographic computations.