June 09, 2020

CTF 2020

Harshvardhan Patel

Frenzied keystrokes, intense brainstorming, shrieks of eureka and sighs of dismay - were all at display on a chilly night of February 24, 2020. With participants huddled as a tean in their hostel rooms,



By:Ahaan Dabholkar

Getting Started

This wiki basically captures my notes while fiddling around with the Raspberry Pi 4B.


Higher Order Integral Property

By:Ahaan Dabholkar, Aikata

The idea of creating a distinguisher based on the HOIP is based on the following -

Idea #1

Recall the integral property of AES.



By:Ahaan Dabholkar

Well let’s try to blink the onboard ACT led. @dwelch67 did the same thing on the Raspberry Pi with the BCM2835SoC and I have referred to his code almost completely. The source code files can be found in the repo in the blink directory.


My Research Experience

By:Satyam Sachan

Looking back, the closest thing to cryptography I’d ever seen before my fifth semester was a code-breaking book that I’d seen in a school exhibition called Codes: How to Make Them and Break Them.